Our Campus

We are grateful for the buildings and grounds that the Lord has provided for us to use for His honor and glory. At present we have four buildings. Three are complete and are in use for various activities and purposes. The fourth, which is in construction, is called the Christian Education Center. Once that all of the phases are complete, it will complete the “campus style” layout by connecting the main sanctuary with the Fellowship Hall creating more more classroom space for instruction and growth in God’s Word.

Shown below is a view of our church sign, the property from the corner of Hunters Creek Road and Metamora Road, and the Christian Education Center.


This is front view of the main sanctuary where we meet for worship and instruction. The view includes our west side entrance.


Here is a view of the north covered entrance which is often used to drop off friends and family.


Here is a view of the east entrance which is easily accessed if you’re coming from the parking lot or from our Fellowship Hall.

This is the inside view of the main sanctuary. Come worship and grow in the Word with us.


This is the outside north view of the Fellowship Hall where we enjoy food, fellowship, and a variety of activities.

This is an inside view of the Fellowship Hall.


This is our old church building where our offices are located. Our teens and children also use it for worship and instruction.


Enjoy a hike on our nature trail which is located just north of our parking lot.


Enjoy a time of fellowship around a fire pit, or picnic with a grill, along the nature trail.


You may also want to enjoy a form of dodgeball in our GaGa Ball pit located just to the north of our main church building. The fire pit, picnic area, nature trail, and GaGa Ball pit were all completed as part of various Eagle Scout projects by some ambitious young men in our church.