Our Purpose, Objective & Values

Our Purpose … Exalting Jesus Christ through evangelism, discipleship, worship, fellowship, stewardship, and prayer, for the glory of God and the joy of all people, both at home and abroad.

Our Objective … Leading people toward Christ-likeness.

Our Values

  1. Making obedient, mature and fruit-bearing disciples of Christ who honor God through Christ-likeness.
  2. Glorifying God by pursuing joyous pleasure in Him and submitting to the Headship of Christ.
  3. Proclaiming sound doctrine derived from a literal, historical, grammatical and contextual interpretation of the Bible.
  4. Building our ministry on Biblical principles and prayer.
  5. Worshiping to glorify God and minister to the saints.
  6. Cultivating a caring community of believers where Biblical fellowship and the “one another” commands of Scripture are practiced.
  7. Reaching the lost in our community through personal evangelism and special programs and activities.
  8. Actively participating in world missions as goers and senders.
  9. Strengthening marriages and equipping parents to bring their children to maturity through Biblical discipline and instruction in the home.
  10. Developing family-strengthening and age-integrated programming.
  11. Helping men become godly servant leaders and ladies become models of Biblical womanhood.
  12. Equipping and engaging believers in ministry as members of the body of Christ, which includes helping believers discover and develop their spiritual gifts.
  13. Sharing leadership with a plurality of qualified elders and deacons who feed, lead, protect and care for the flock.